Meet The Team

We are a team of passionate and experienced runners, united by a shared love for discovering and traveling to races and events all over the world. We believe Hong Kong has some of the best trails in the region, and that there is a demand for races and events here that are accessible to all skill levels, organised to an exceptionally high quality and standard.



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Runner, Writer, Creative

Nic grew up in Hong Kong and fell in love with it's plethora of trail systems while running with his high school cross country team.


As a passionate trail and ultra runner, he has been a vocal advocate for the sport and it's community. He co-founded the Country of Origin race in 2015 to bring something different to a heavily saturated racing calendar, where the focus was on a fun and accessible national team format.




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Runner, Teacher, Acrobat

Steve started race directing by successfully organising the inaugural Hard as Nayls and The Great Relay HK events in 2015, as well as The 9 Dragons Ultra.


He was a partner of Hong Kong's newest specialist trail running store - GoneRunning - and well respected for his helpful advice on what gear to get.




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Runner, Triathlete, Aspiring Chef

Michael is a Sydney-born accomplished runner and triathlete, and father to two beautiful girls. He enjoys traveling around the world on the hunt for new trails and also loves to cook and drink fine wines.


Currently based in Chamonix, Michael helps with race logistics, sponsorship and management, and is driving our RaceBase World platform where you can search for and discover new races globally.



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